1st Pride: An inordinate esteem of oneself. It can be overcome with humility.

2nd Greed: An inordinate love of earthly things, especially money. It can be overcome by giving alms.

3rd Lust: Excessive appetite for dirty desires of the flesh. It can be overcome by being pure.

4th Gluttony: Eating or drinking uncontrollably. This can be overcome fasting and by having restraint.

5th Wrath: An inordinate desire for revenge. It can be overcome with patience.

6th Envy: Feeling sadness in response to anotherís success. This can be overcome through charity.

7th Sloth: Unwillingness to act or care. This can be overcome with punctuality and diligence.


 Act: 25/01/16   @youth catechism            M E R C A B A   E D I T I O N S   M U R C I A