The AFTERLIFE includes:

1st Resurrection: Of our earthly body, in Jesusí likeness.

2nd The Final Judgment: At the end of times, when Christ returns to reward those who have persevered and to eternally punish those who have rejected him.

3rd Heaven: "New heavens and a new earth", better than the original lost paradise, where we will be able to enjoy: -original innocence, -habitual grace, -eternity, -Godís vision and universeís vision; none of which are combined with pain.

4th Hell: Eternal condemnation, like "a rotting worm of the conscience", never-ending and with no way out.

5th Purgatory: Transitory state of "purification of sins" committed during our lives, and the sanctification of our souls, so that we can, having been cleansed, begin to enjoy living with God


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