1st Baptism: It makes away the original sin, makes us children of God and introduces us to the holy Church and to eternal life.

2nd Confirmation: It makes us adult soldiers of Christ and gives us the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

3rd Penance: It takes away the sins committed after: the examination of our conscience, experiencing the pain of our sins, act of contrition, confessing our sins, and doing our penitence.

4th The Eucharist: Reproduction of the same sacrifice of Christ on the cross, which feeds us the body and blood of Christ.

5th Anointing of the sick: It takes away the pain of sickness, and prepares us for a good death.

6th Holy Orders: It consecrates all those called by Jesus, to do Godís will and know how to guide the Church.

7th Marriage: This sanctifies the union between man and wife, so that they can be happy, and know how to raise children.


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